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Step by step guide on how to check out
Step by Step Guide on Finding a Product

Checking Out

Step 1: Click on the ‘Check Out’ link, in the cart section, in the right-hand menu, or follow steps 6 and 7 above.
Step 2: To continue press either the ‘I want to order without opening an account’ button or the ‘I want to open an account and then place my order’ button or if you have already opened an account log in with your saved information. We advise you to open an account if you think you may use the site again as some of your details will be saved, saving you time the next time you order (no sensitive information such as credit card information is saved). You will also be able to benefit from promotional material that we would like to send you from time to time, such as newsletters, if you desire.
Step 3: Fill in the form completing all details necessary (lines with an * must be completed) and continue to the next stage.
Step 4: Complete delivery address if different from your billing address or click ‘use billing address’.
Step 5: Select your desired method of payment and continue to next step.
Step 6: Check details and if correct, agree to terms and conditions. These can be found at the bottom of the page in there own link. If you have selected to pay by cheque, your order will be processed once we have received your cheque and payment has been cleared or if you have selected the buy now pay later payment option we will contact you shortly to run you through the agreement process.
Step 7: If you have selected to pay by credit card then; click on the type of card you wish to use for payment and fill in all the relevant details on the following page. Click proceed to authorise payment.

Finding a Product

Step 1: Select a category from the left hand list on the home page.
Step 2: If there are sub-categories, click on your selection.
Step 3: Select your product: by clicking on ‘more information’; the product code; or the picture; which will bring up the details of your chosen product. Once the product is showing you can select various extra options, for example you might want to click the ‘view larger image’ link for a better view of the product – this will open in a popup window. Click your old window to return to the website or close the popup window.
Step 4: If finish or size options are available, click the drop down box and click on selected options. Change the number in the quantity box if you require more than one.
Step 5: Click ‘add to basket’, to add the product to your order. If you want other products, repeat steps 1 to 4 until you are finished.
Step 6: You can view your order by clicking on the ‘Your Basket’ button in the right-hand menu.
Step 7: At this stage you can perfect your order by deleting items or changing the quantity you desire to order. Click on the ‘Update Basket’ button if you have made changes or continue to the next stage.

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