Mezzanine floors are a great way to increase the capacity of your premises at a fraction of the cost of relocating or extending. 

We can provide quality mezzanine floors for the growing needs of your premises. We offer a full-service package where we design, fabricate and fit the mezzanine for your premises.

Our team is fully equipped to oversee the entire process, from design to manufacture to installation, we can see your project through to completion with confidence. 

Four reasons you should choose a Gabitie Mezzanine Floor

  1. Experience: Our team has decades' worth of experience; you can trust that we are experts and know what to do.
  2. Bespoke: Each mezzanine is unique. We fabricate our mezzanines to the specifications of our clients- no mezzanine is the same.
  3. Detailed quotes: We provide comprehensive, no-nonsense quotes. This way, you know what you're paying to receive.
  4. Full service: We are a full-service company. We can design, make and install your mezzanine floor. 

Mezzanine Floor Q&A

Do you need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

In most instances - no. You don’t need planning permission for a fully demountable structure. If the installed mezzanine is attached into the main building or if the mezzanine is to be on a retail park and greater than 200m² you will need to obtain planning permission. You will however require building regulation approval for your floor.

How do I know what floor loading I require?

Floor loadings are specified within British Standards BS6399. This state’s minimum loading requirements for office, production, retail and storage floors. The General floor loadings for mezzanines • Office use:2.5kn/m² (250kg per square meter) • Light use: 5Kn/m² (500kg per square meter) • Medium use:7.5 Kn/m² (750kg per square meter)

Floor Coverings

Our indoor mezzanine floors are designed to suit 22mm water-resistant or 38mm thick high-density flooring grade chipboard. External mezzanine platforms are designed to suit galvanised steel chequer plates or galvanised steel open mesh flooring to prevent rotting and rusting caused by the weather.

Staircases and Handrail

What is the difference between a Part M and Part K on staircases? Part K staircase is for storage floors, normally 900 mm-1000 mm wide and either a straight flight or with a dogleg landing. Part M staircase is a minimum of 1200mm wide with enclosed treads and a mid-landing after 12 risers (16 if small premises). Part M staircases are needed for office, production or retail floors.

Fire Rating

One hour fire rating will need to be required to the underside of your mezzanine floor under building regulations ONLY if your mezzanine floor meets any of the following criteria: 1. The size of the mezzanine floor is in excess of 400m² 2. The size of the mezzanine floor exceeds 50% of the room it is to be installed in. 3. The number of people working on the mezzanine floor exceeds 3 at any one time. 4. The mezzanine floor is used for purposes other than storage, automated storage and maintenance. Fire cladding a floor to one hour is usually done by fitting a suspended ceiling to the underside of the mezzanine with column cases on the upright posts and a fascia to all open edges. Suspended Ceiling - This can be with an exposed metal grid with drop-in ceiling tiles or with a concealed grid with two layers of plasterboard secured into it giving a smooth ceiling. Please note that only a few ceiling tiles have been specifically tested to be one-hour rated for a mezzanine floor. Any lights fitted within the ceiling void would also have to be rated to one hour. Fascia- This is fitted around all exposed edges of the mezzanine and is constructed of metal studs supporting two layers of plasterboard Column cases - These are manufactured to the right size and length of the column from 12mm Promalit or equivalent with a metal outer layer. They come in a galvanised or white finish as standard. Alternatively, columns can be fireclay by building a stud frame around the column and fixing two layers of plasterboard around them. A protected route -will be required for all floors apart from a storage floor (although storage floors of a certain size may also need a protected route). This is a one-hour partition around a staircase at the ground and first-floor level together with 1/2 hour rated (FD30) doors above and below

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