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Why buy a Gabitie fabricated staircase?

There are so many reasons why you should buy a Gabitie staircase. Ranging from quality to aesthetics, we have an extensive list, but here are the reasons that mean the most to us as a company.

Our Team

Gabitie has an experienced and well-equipped team here and at your service. With over thirty years in the steel fabrication industry and more than seven years of experience manufacturing staircases, our adept and dedicated team is involved from start to finish. We can deliver excellent services, products, and advice.

Our Core Values

Collaboration and Creativity

At Gabitie Fabrications, we love to work closely with our clients. Hearing about your designs and aspirations is exciting. We aim to encourage your creativity and work with you to bring your designs to life and ensure functionality. You contribute your ideas, and we make them legally compliant. Now that's collaboration!

Quality Products and Services

Our customers deserve good value. We aim to source quality materials and recruit a proficient team, all while maintaining affordability. Value for money is at the heart of what we do.


Sustainability is a prevalent topic in today's society. Here at Gabitie, we pride ourselves on using recycled materials where possible and becoming more efficient to reduce our non-renewable energy consumption. We aim to incorporate more sustainable practices as the business grows.

Materials and Quality Control

We use only the highest quality materials, some of which are from recycled sources or can be recycled later on. 

We want to give our clients the best, which is why our steel is backed by BS EN-1090 compliance, ensuring you are receiving regulatory-approved materials. Each staircase is made from British Standard steel and crafted in the UK.

All of our staircases undergo frequent inspections as part of our quality control system. 

Throughout the manufacturing process, your stairs are assessed and approved; before undergoing a final delivery check. 

At every stage, we ensure the highest standard of craftsmanship, so you receive an outstanding piece. 

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